The price of Tesla’s high-end EVs dropped overnight due to newfound in the way the company builds it 100 kWh batteries. The more efficient process equates to lower production costs, and because Elon Musk is about as philanthropic as one could be in the auto industry, the consumer is seeing a direct effect on their pocket.

Source: Tesla

Is this discount really a discount?

Back in April, Tesla raised the prices on both the Model S and Model X. The hike was intended to put more of a gap between the higher-end models and the upcoming low-cost options that the company was producing. The Model S only saw a rise of $2,000 on its price tag, but it was noticeable enough for the company to relay the change to its customers through the monthly newsletter.

As it turns out, the new price decrease is anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000, depending on the model. So in essence, we are going to see a slight dip under the original price that was announced when the models were first released. This is good news for those wanting to purchase a Tesla of their own. In fact, even those who have ordered their model, but haven’t received it yet are entitled to the discount because, technically speaking, the order has not been completed until the keys are in the hand of the driver.

Source: Electrek

The new prices

Now for the good stuff – the discounted prices. Depending on what model you are looking at, you’ll see slightly different price drops. Here’s the list:

  • Model S 100D: $97,500 down to $94,000
  • Model S P100D: $140,000 down to $135,000
  • Model X 100D: $99,500 down to $96,000
  • Model X P100D: $145,000 down to $140,000

Are you more inclined to purchase? Maybe not, but the fact that Tesla is willing to do right by their customer base on every level cannot go unnoticed. Not many automakers would go to the lengths Elon and his team go to in order to keep people happy. Perhaps it’s not all about money. Maybe this is one manufacturer that hold the quality of its product and its service to very high standards.

This sounds great and all, but I still have my eyes on the Model 3. I mean, what am I, a Rockefeller?