September is finally here, you guys (and gals). It’s the month all of us Apple fans look forward to every year, and we never think it’s going to get here as fast as it does. Alas, we are now just a few days away from the unveiling of Apple’s next iPhone. This is the big one, too.

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As we all know, this year marks the company’s tenth anniversary of its flagship smartphone. Will it be called the iPhone 8? Maybe iPhone X? Perhaps that iPhone Pro we’ve been hearing about for way too long? No one knows. What we do know if this event is about more than just the iPhone – there are a few other devices we’d like to see and hear about as well.

Apple Pay

Since making its debut on the iPhone 6, Apple Pay has changed the way many of us shop online and in stores. The (dare I say revolutionary) product from the Cupertino company has evolved to also being used in iMessage, but that’s about the extent of what we know so far. Some have seen links to authentication steps like having to scan in your driver’s license or ID to use the service, but nothing has been made super clear.

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If they can spend just a little time talking about Apple Pay at the September 12 event, I think a lot of people would be more willing to use the service. The company is making the option more available to use amongst friends – kind of like PayPal or Venmo – and you can also take advantage of it on the MacBook Pro’s TouchBar when ordering online. It’s out there, but the people need to know more about it.



Ever since Alexa was first brought to life by Amazon, I’ve wanted Apple to step up and offer a device that was not only like it, but better. At WWDC earlier this year, the company did exactly that with the HomePod.

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We learned how it works and what kind of amazing tasks it’s able to complete, but something tells me there’s even more to discover here. The device isn’t available for purchase until December, so maybe we’ll find out more about it at the event. Have they developed it further since WWDC? What else can it accomplish? So many questions, and Apple holds all the answers.

Apple Pencil for iPhone

This one is a stretch, but hear me out. The Apple Pencil has been a great tool for anyone using an iPad Pro, but what about those of us who want to be just as productive on our iPhones too? In iOS 11, the Apple Pencil is getting some major love with more support in Notes and the ability to start writing by simply tapping the iPad’s screen. Can the device transfer over to the company’s most-used device? If so, can it transfer seamlessly?

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Steve Jobs was not a fan of using a stylus, but he also said no one wanted to watch videos on an iPod (hello, Netflix and YouTube), big screens would be disastrous, and Bluetooth earphones (like AirPods) would be too big of an issue for the device’s battery. We’ve moved on from all of those, so why not give some of us what we want and offer that Apple Pencil for iPhone? We promise we’ll take care of it.

The September 12 event, which will be the first even held in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new campus, will definitely be a one-of-a-kind event. Since it’s such a new thing for Apple to pull off, there is a lot of speculation that we will see quite a few surprises along the way. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, as I’ll be live-tweeting the event so we can all share in its glory.