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The most important tool to see the colors, shapes, shades, and beauty all around us are our eyes, obviously. But a close second is having proper lighting in our homes; thank you, Mr. Edison. However, in the old days we didn’t have a choice in the bulbs we used, but a lot has changed.

Here, in the 21st century, there are countless types of light bulbs that can be used to light our world. Businesses use fluorescent tubes for their cost effectiveness while residents often opt for LEDs because that eliminates the need to change the bulb very often.

Homeowners are always looking for a long-lasting bulb that offers superior lighting quality and we have settled for LED, but there is another option out there. FinallyTM Light Bulbs are here and they are far superior to the LEDs we’ve been enduring for years; in more ways than one.


A beauty inside and out

Upon first glance, the Finally bulb is obviously unique and can be distinguished by the yellow line across the bottom so there’s no mistaking it. On the outside, Finally looks like a standard bulb but never judge a book by its cover because the inside is filled with Tesla TechnologyTM.

Nikola Tesla was a scientific pioneer whose technology powers thousands of devices in our everyday lives such as cars, batteries, and even our toasters. Finally replaced the traditional tungsten filament found in most bulbs with a copper coil. This Tesla coil not only provides 15 years of guaranteed lighting (based on 3 hours of use per day) but also offers a broader spectrum of lighting. With other types of bulbs, including LED, some colors just won’t look right without natural sunlight such as purples and certain shades of blue.

In addition, the light emitted from Finally bulbs is so soft and natural that it actually makes your skin look more lifelike. Anybody that has purchased cheap bulbs in the past and noticed that their skin looked less than healthy knows what I’m talking about. After putting these in my home, I found my wife saying, “Is my skin starting to look better?” I simply respond with “It’s the bulbs, babe.”

Finally, this light shines bright

Your standard light bulb will last about a year if you only use it three hours a day while Finally bulbs will last fifteen times that. Finally offers a natural sunlight-like hue combined with a long life. “In under a year, the light-bulb maker has advanced from touting bulbs online to selling them at retailers ranging from Ace Hardware to Staples and True Value,” according to The Boston Business Journal. Finally was born in Boston thanks to Founder John Goscha. The bulbs come in 60, 75, and 100 watt bulbs and they all miraculously last a whopping 16,500 hours.

The yearly cost of each bulb ranges from $1.63 to $3.13 per year of use. As for the physical bulbs, they start at $5.99. You can get four dollars off if you stock up on half a dozen 60 watts which I find is the best wattage for my home. FinallyTM light bulbs have made my house much more inviting and now when we eat dinner, it feels like we are dining al fresco thanks to the natural lighting I now have in my overhead fan/light combo.

I highly recommend these bulbs for anyone looking to make their home prettier without giving it a complete remodel. After changing just one, you will instantly see the difference from one side of the room as opposed to the blueish hue coming from the other.

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