Over 41% of American households are unplugging their landline phones and going all wireless according to TIME Magazine. That number includes people moving into their 40’s and 50’s, not just the millennial population. “house calls” might soon be a thing of the past with cell phones becoming the primary form of communication. As this happens, however, cell phone users experience a lack of the physical divider between home, work, and other incoming calls.

Dollar Digits, a second phone number app allows cell phone users to maintain the comfortable boundary that landlines once gave them. The application’s 2017 launch was met with enthusiasm. Cell phone owners simply installed the app, chose a second phone number with their area code, and selected their pay per use or package rate.

The extra phone number provided by the app allows Linkedin users to separate their work contacts from their home contacts. Once downloaded, incoming callers can text or leave voicemails without realizing they have been given a “fake” home phone number. If a business dealer seemed shady, or they started getting inundated with spam calls they could simply delete the phone number much in the same way you toss a burner phone. Outside of the work sphere, the burner phone number has additional applications. It is a safe way to try out online dating, or a safe alternative to giving out a home phone number when signing up for promotional deals.

The launch of the Dollar Digits phone number app allows users to re-experience the divide that landline phones used to give. As many LinkedIn users turn to their cell phones for work, they can feel relieved. They aren’t losing a piece of their privacy when they decide to go the more economic route.


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