Do you get annoyed when you see that update reminder that keep popping up at the corner of your screen? Do you keep on ignoring it, hoping that it would just go away? Or have you totally disabled the notifications for the sake of your sanity? If you have done so, then I would suggest that you turn the notifications back on, and endure the download and the installation of your updates.

Not taking the time to update your system can cause damage to software, loss of data, and can even be as dangerous as having your identity and your personal information taken. They are not made just for the sole purpose of annoying you, you know. They are actually made for the following reasons:

6. Increase Security

The more people there are using a specific operating system, the more security issues could come up. These errors can be loopholes for malware and viruses and can cause damage to your system. Exploitation of these issues can actually be done within a short span of time, and crucial updates are made to protect you from these vulnerabilities.

5. Update Drivers

Your computer need drivers in order to function. These drivers are software that allow your hardware device to communicate with your operating system and your installed software. Updating your system can also include an update to your drivers and would make your system more efficient in the long run.

4. Fix Bugs

Patches are made in order to fix any bugs in your system. Just like a long hose would have kinks and would need patches in order to prevent any cracks on its surfaces, installed patches in the system fixes any errors identified in order to keep your system running smoother. There are critical patches that are released in order to address security issues. There are also those that can make software run better by taking care of inconsistencies. If patches are not installed, it will make your system outdated and incompatible with other devices and software.

3. Better Performance

Don’t neglect any important updates to your system. Having an updated system can mean having installed patches that have addressed any issues that affect the performance of your system. Remember that no matter how rigorous the testing to a new operating system might be, once it is put into production and used by a huge population, there will always be issues that might arise from a variety of reasons, and these issues will cause the whole system to bug down. Updating your operating system will be like maintenance checks you do with your car to ensure that everything is going smoothly under the hood.

2. Update Features

As time proves the effectivity of an operating system, your system would certainly need updates in order to stay up to date to the latest hardware and applications. These new features could be for a certain software or it could be an added security feature. If you want to keep your system on par with the latest features there are, making sure that you are updating your operating system is a great start.

1. Cost-effective

Operating system updates are free. That alone is a sure way to save some bucks. These days you don’t need to have to hire an IT technician to do the job for you. Also, if you keep your system updated, it will ensure that you are protected from any security threats that might make you vulnerable for attacks cause some serious financial woes.

If you are not sure how to install updates or how to set your PC or laptop to download and install it automatically, you can always find plenty of help online. However, I would recommend that you review the updates first, since there are sometimes updates that you might not want installed to your system. Also, there will come a time when updates will cease to be made for a certain system. When this happens, then it would be time to upgrade to another operating system.

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