Attention freelancers and small business owners – you need more help. We know you’re probably buried in paperwork, swimming through messages, and squeezing every minute possible out of your day. There are many resources and tools available to help you manage the workload – but here’s one that will become your assistant, timekeeper, and fact-checker: Amazon Alexa.

Yes, the gimmicky smart speaker can actually improve and organize your life.

The smart home assistant is helping entrepreneurs everywhere simplify common tasks. Alexa is nifty, but she is also very practical. Here are six ways that Alexa is helping business owners get more done.

Manage Your Time


Alexa has a whole suite of skills dedicated to helping you keep track of your workday and upcoming appointments.

  • Set a calendar event: Was that meeting for 2:00 on the 21st or the 23rd? Check your appointments and add events to your calendar using Alexa.
  • Don’t spend too long sipping your morning coffee and checking out the latest news. Set a timer that will let you know when coffee time is over and work time should begin. Or, use a timer to pace yourself on a major task and keep your productivity up.
  • A busy workweek can feel like a whirlwind. Ask Alexa “what day is it?” before you sign a document or promise a delivery.

Commute with Confidence

Don’t let traffic keep you from making it to the office or an appointment on time. Before you even walk out the door, you can ask Alexa about the business hours and phone numbers of local businesses. From there, she can help you navigate your commute easier.

  • Check local traffic conditions. Ask Alexa what the traffic is like, and get an update on whether or not you need to plan for extra congestion. You can even input your workplace in Google Maps to find out how long your commute will take.
  • Get a ride by asking Alexa to arrange an Uber or find a Lyft driver to help you get where you’re going.

In addition to all of the above ideas, and so many more useful Alexa skills, here a last few ideas to make the most of this smart home hub.

    • Track packages: If you have supplies, inventory, or parts on order from Amazon, say, “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” to get an update.
    • Play your favorite tunes: Stay motivated through your workday with music from Pandora, Spotify, or a radio station – just ask Alexa to play it.

Put Alexa to Work for You

Alexa is far from perfect. If you own one, then you know the frustrations that come along with it: repeating yourself, feeling like you’re shouting, or hearing the reply “I’m not sure how to help you with that” can be enough to start swearing at Alexa.

But there’s no doubt that Alexa, Google Home, and smart assistants are here to stay. If you own a smart speaker, then find ways to improve your productivity using its built-in skills. Handoff your calendar appointments, delegate your reminders and have someone check your math – while you focus on the success of your business.

Peruse all the available Alexa skills here and share with us which one you’re most excited to use in your business.


Erica Puisis is a freelance writer and smart home expert. She writes ongoing content for Smart Home Solver, a tech blog with comparisons, reviews, and a custom tool for figuring out which smart home devices work together. Follow on Twitter for the latest smart home news, or check out their free printable list of 100 Alexa skills.