When I decided to upgrade from my boring old flat screen to a 50 inch 4K Smart TV, I knew I needed to do my research. Just like evolving from a flip phone to a touchscreen, I also wanted a TV that did more than just let me watch my shows.

After some research, I soon discovered that televisions are now fully equipped with little computers inside of them that helps them to learn and run apps for my viewing pleasure. After some research I discovered that I could not only run apps but do so many other things with my new Smart TV.

After some research and first-hand experimenting, I discovered that I could run some of my favorite apps on my new TV like YouTube and WWE Network. In addition, I was pleased to learn that I could also “mirror” an app from my phone straight to my television without having to find my video all over again on a different device.

Needless to say, it was love at first sight once I unpacked my new Smart TV. It then dawned on me that I needed a good mount that will give me an optimal viewing experience as well as peace of mind that my device is protected from earthquakes, pets, and children.


Sanus does more than just sell you a mount

When I decided to mount my new TV rather than simply precariously resting it atop a TV stand, I thought I didn’t have a lot of choices; boy, was I wrong. I came across Sanus’ line of wall mounts and they do so much more than just stick your television to the wall.

With Sanus’ Mountfinder tab on their website, they help you to determine the perfect mount for your TV as well as your needs. They have three basic categories that include fixed, tilted, and the incredibly advanced Full-Motion mount.

When you start shopping, Sanus asks for your television’s specifications to help you pick the perfect mount based on size, brand name, and even specific model. This assures that you get the perfect mount for your exact TV.

The fixed-position mounts are for those that will be mounting in a bedroom or studio apartment, that have no fear of glare or a large number of houseguests. The tilting mounts are nearly the same price and offer the ability to move the screen up or down to battle the sun that may peek through the blinds.

The Full-Motion mount is the ultimate mount for those with an eclectic lifestyle. This mount is well worth the $99 price tag because it empowers you by moving up and down as well as from side-to-side. This is a great feature for those that have trouble getting comfortable and switch couches or for people that have exercise equipment on the other end of the den.

When mounting a television, it is perfectly rational to be worried about mounting the television incorrectly. Thanks to Sanus’ Heightfinder tab on their site, this is no longer an issue because they help you to drill the holes for the mount exactly where they need to be.

If that wasn’t enough, Sanus also provides downloadable videos and PDF manuals for your reading pleasure. The mounts are of the highest quality and support over 100 pounds of weight for even the smallest models. I could mount that tube television in the garage if I wanted to.

Maintenance and more

Sanus is more than just a one stop place to buy your mounts. They offer a variety of products ranging from cutting edge furniture and racks to the little necessities like cables and audio accessories. I couldn’t pass up the chance to get one of their screen care kits.

The screen care kit was something I couldn’t pass up because you can’t use any old paper towels to clean these highly advanced screens. The kit includes a Micro-Mist gel spray, microfiber cleaning cloth, and an anti-static brush for everyday dust; all in a handy carrying case.

Plus, if you’re like me and like tips on maintaining your new product then they also offer a professional grade blog with great reads like “Cord Cutter’s Guide to Streaming” and “How to Install a TV Mount: 3 Easy Steps.”

I suggests to rush over to Sanus and find your perfect mount (and maybe a few other things) because of their quality and affordable price. And the free shipping is the icing on the cake when you spend $50 in their store.

Find you perfect mount here.



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