Chicago, Illinois
October 3, 2017

Over 72 million people in the U.S travel internationally within a year according to government researchers. A global economy may be the reason for the large amount of business, as well as leisure related trips to other countries. Before traveling internationally, world wide commuters need to make changes to their phone plans.

While some phone carriers offer nationwide service, overseas and internationally calling is an added feature for many phones. Those planning to leave the country either have to purchase an international phone plan, get temporary international service, or download an app.

While international calls can add fees to your phone bill, calling apps like Skype and Dollar Digits allow for calls to be made in over 40 different countries without having to make arrangements and notifying a phone carrier.


Travelers download their calling app of choice, select a second phone number or create an account, and enjoy the freedom of being able to make calls not tied to another phone plan. Some phone app users even turn off the international calling option on their current phone service providers to prevent any accidental calls made during their time abroad.

Phone and calling apps are making global communication more available for those who need it for the large population of U.S citizens who spend less time in the office and more time in the air.

Tourists also use calling apps to limit their expenses. They are able to use apps to check in with family members, confirm their arrivals, send pictures and give day by day updates on their trip. Students spending a semester abroad may also opt out of international calling plans in favor of this method to avoid roaming fees while maintaining contact with friends and family back home.