A daily commute is usually a common part of a job, and depending on the commute conditions, it can be a good part of a bad part of the deal. If you’re taking public transportation there’s not much you can to influence the experience, but if you’re doing a car commute, you have a few nice options to sweeten the ride. You will still need to wake up in the morning and spend some time on the road, but at least you’ll be doing it in style. So, without further ado, here are 6 car gadgets and accessories that are sure to change your commute forever.

Coffee Cup Holder

A good day starts with a good coffee, and just because you’re running a bit late doesn’t mean you have to skip this crucial part of the day. This is where a coffee cup holder comes in handy. Most cars already have a standard holder for coffee or beverages, but there are some great aftermarket options such as the Auto Café Cup Warmer that will not only provide safe holding for your coffee, but also keep it warm, so you always enjoy your coffee the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – hot and strong.

The great part is that it works with all kinds of mugs, including disposable ones, and it’s simple and intuitive to use: it turns on when a cup is inserted and turns off when the cup is removed – simple as that.

Phone Holder & Charger

So you’ve got your coffee well held, and your energy is charged, but what about your smartphone’s well-being? It too needs to be held properly during your commute, and it too needs its energy, and the Neotrix Qi phone holder and charger can do both.


The support uses strong magnets to hold your phone in place, and is wireless-charging compatible, so you can forget about cables (assuming you have a wireless charging-enabled phone such as Samsung Galaxy S7), and simply place your phone in the support to have it charged.

Multimedia System

Time flies when you’re having fun, so a great way to make your commute better is to have fun, and what better way to have fun than to rock your favorite music? A high-quality multimedia system in your car will allow you to enjoy your music to the max. A unit such as this Pioneer provides you with multiple playing sources such as USB, Aux and even Bluetooth, along with a decent size display for easier navigation and even watching movies.


A head up display is one of those car gadgets that instantly change your driving experience. A HUD is basically a device that projects basic stats such as speed, rpm, fuel consumption, and other information directly on your windshield, giving your car a futuristic feel.

Units such as the Techstick are easy to install – simply plug in a module in the OBD-II port of the car so it can read information about the car, place the projector unit near the windshield and voila, your car is now future-ready.

FOBO Tire pressure monitor

Having a correct pressure level in your car’s tires is not only a matter of safety, but will also have an impact on your car’s well-being. While the most important aspect is obviously the fact that unbalanced tire pressure can lead to an unstable car, which is a huge safety risk, even a lower difference in tire pressure, which is not significant enough to pose as a security risk, will still take a toll on your car in the shape of uneven tire and suspension wear. With a small gadget such as the FOBO tire pressure monitor, your tire pressure is always measured and the information is relayed to your smartphone, so you always know when something’s not right.

OBD tuning chip

A vehicle OBD port’s main use is to provide diagnostics about the vehicle (thus the name, which stands for On-Board Diagnostics). However, it’s not the only thing it can do. Few people know that the OBD port can also be a path to improving a car’s performance quick and easy. Sure, it will not generate the same results as using performance parts to upgrade your engine physically, but it will still provide some easy improvements.

The way this works is that a small chip is plugged into the OBD port, which overwrites the car’s standard engine settings with settings that will provide better performance. This is known as OBD-remap, and companies such as Quantum Tuning are specialized in this specific type of tuning, so if you’re on the look for a quick performance hack for your car, look no further.