Google and Other Hosts Disavow the ‘Daily Stormer’ after Virginia Rally

In a move that restored faith in the corporate domain, Google refused refuge for renowned white supremacist site, the 'Daily Stormer’. After an alleged...

Google Updates Cloud Speech API to Focus on Business Oriented Market

Today Google is revealing updates to the cloud speech API and introducing attributes which were meant to meet the needs of business oriented clientele....

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This Autonomous Robot Will Shovel Your Snow and Mow Your Grass

In today's tech world, we are seeing more and more inventions that are made solely to make our everyday lives easier. Most of these...

Physics student proves real-life Star Wars deflector shield is possible

Now that caption sounds far-fetched. The works of fertile imagination which ought to be confined to the dungeons of mythical science. Such only happens...


Paralyzed Man Controls Arm With Power of His Mind

In today’s world, a paralyzed person doesn’t have a lot of freedom to do whatever they want, and that has much to do with...

Raining animals: What causes this weird weather phenomenon?

For centuries, we have all heard stories of strange occurrences around the world. One of the most popular phenomenon involves literal animals falling from...


A Guide to the Great American Eclipse

Tomorrow's eclipse is a once (or twice) in a lifetime event, and everyone is anxiously waiting to get a good look at our solar...

China Set to Launch World’s First ‘Unhackable’ Computer Network in August

Ever heard of a computer network that is unhackable? Well, that’s something the Chinese government is working on, and if everything goes according to...

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